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API Intermediates

Benzonitrile derivatives are commonly used in the dye industry for the development of aniline blue. Another use of these compounds is to preserve the food. In addition to this, these derivatives are also known to be used in various industries and medicinal fields. A few popular benzonitrile derivatives are widely used in medicines in the form of salt as a urinary antiseptic. Apart from this, these are also used for disinfecting bronchial tubes, in the vapor form. We are accepting bulk orders for all the benzonitrile derivatives that are listed here.
Iodine-containing compounds are found in everything from antiseptics to tyres. Many elements of life would be altered if there were no stable source of iodine and its many compounds. Cefa-Cilinas Biotics Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to provide a wide range of iodine derivatives for applications ranging from animal feed to nylon stability. These are also used in pharmaceuticals, for instance before an X-Ray or a CT scan, patients are injected with an iodine-containing drug. These are also used to make the antiseptic for wound cleaning. If you are looking for a dependable provider of bulk iodine derivatives, then contact us and we will fulfill your requirements to the fullest.
Acetophenone derivatives available here are categorized under API Intermediates. Here, our customers can place orders for 2,4-Dihydroxyacetophenone, 2-Bromo-3-Hydroxyacetophenone, 2-Bromo-4-Fluoro Acetophenone, 3-Aminoacetophenone (3AAP), and 3-Bromoacetophenone (3BAP). All types of acetophenone derivatives are known as the reagents for the synthesis of many drugs such as trihexyphenidyl, pridinol, aspaminol, pyrrobutamine and others. In addition to this, they are also used in the industries of perfumery and fragrance. A few other uses of these chemical compounds are in soaps, detergents and cosmetics. They are also used like a flavoring agent in candies and ice creams.
Indole derivatives are available here with the assurance of the best formulation and quality. We are a manufacturer of Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C), Indole-3-Acetic Acid (IAA), Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA), 5-Bromoindole, 5-Nitroindole and many other derivatives of indole. These are also called electroactive compounds which have the special property of readily oxidizing at the electrodes that are based on the carbon compound. It should be noted that several indole derivatives are known to have crucial cellular functions, which comprise neurotransmitters such as serotonin.
Categorized under API intermediates, a wide range of cosmetic chemicals are available here. These chemicals are defined as a mix of chemical substances, which are formulated synthetically. In addition to this, these are very common ingredients that find use in personal care and cosmetic products. The basic ingredients of cosmetic products are known as emulsifiers, surfactants, colorants, emollients, preservatives and rheology control agents. The range of cosmetic chemicals are useful in adding texture and feel for the manufactured products such as beauty products. In this case, these chemicals can be either naturally occurring or synthetic.

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